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Dear customers, welcome to our website.

Your specialist for wood carving and Christmas crib figures in Augsburg

We are a family business with more than 40 years of experience in the sale of wood carving. We would like to present the most beautiful wood carving from „Südtirol Grödnertal“ to you. There carving in wood has been a tradition for many years and very talented artists and sculpturers have perfected this craftsmanship. Crib figures, figures of saints, angels and profane sculptures of any kind have found their way into the living area. They are particularly popular as presents for Christmas, birthdays and name days, weddings and many more occassions. Christmas cribs intended for collectors are especially popular. We have affectionately selected our range of cribs for you and we are sure that they will inspire you in our truly hectic everyday life – why not start to collect your personal house crib? During the most beautiful and contemplative time of the year, the time of Advent, our cribs create an atmosphere of peace and tranqulity in your home.

The Christmas crib is a timeless living original of the christian culture.

Krippenfiguren Scheiderer

The Christmas crib is a timeless, living original of the Christian Folk Art and fills us with a lot of childish joy and gives us an unspeakable amount of quiet happiness. Also you can look forward to the bright eyes of your children and you can be sure that your children take care of our collectors crib from generation to generation and will inherit the crib. No personal memorabilia is older and more intensively cared about than a Christmas crib

Buying a real collector' crib

Krippenfiguren Scheiderer

Make your own children, relatives, friends and especially yourself happy with the purchase of a real collector's crib. We will be happy, to give you advices throughout the year, so that you can be sure to get a suitable Christmas crib in both style and size .

We only carry brand cribs and give you a minimum guaranteed availability of 20 years

Our best-selling cribs series

For about 40 years we are valued partner of our sculptors, because we can cooperate in many cribs series, in their creation and the expansion of new models and review is always very close to us. Especially with the most beautiful cribs series "Kostner-nativiy, Rainell-nativiy, Pema-nativiy, Ulrich-nativiy and Komet-nativiy we helped with advices and our assistance. Our big specialized knowledge based on 5 decades, wholesale and retail with wood carvings and since 1980 of selling at the  Augsburg Christmas Market„Augsburger one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in Germany. Our motto remains: Here where price, performance and above all, the advice is still correct.

Orig.Rainell Krippe
Orig.Rainell Krippe
Original E.Kostner Krippe
Orig.Kostner Krippe
Original Ulrich Krippe
Original Ulrich Krippe
Original Hirten Krippe
Original Hirten Krippe
Original Komet Krippe
Original Komet Krippe
Original Pema Krippe
Original Pema Krippe

With this slogan we want all of our long-standing customers, but also our new customers, to fulfill all wishes to your complete satisfaction.

Holzschnitzereien Scheiderer
Robert Scheiderer

Prof.-Messerschmitt-Str. 32
86159 Augsburg
+49 821 51 88 74

+49 821 51 43 13


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